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Waff Medium Pro

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The Waff Medium Pro is especially designed for an intensive use. It is lightweight and easy to inflate. If on my Waff Mini, I can only put one foot on it, on the Medium I have both feet in instability. This allows me to have more lift. We also work on 4 legs. Two hands on the floor, knees too. I raise one arm and the opposite knee.


Designed for professional sports, Waff pro is both more responsive and more resistant. Suitable for performance research and intensive use, it accompanies the athlete in all phases of his physical preparation. Eliminate stress, take full advantage of neuro-muscular relaxation. Waff Pro is an eco-designed product made from urethane polymer, an organic molecule that benefits the environment and the user. Product details : - Diameter 95 cm and weight 2 kg - The Waff Medium Pro comes with a free online download code of a series of over 100 Waff® videos in different sports configurations to help you use it under the best conditions. - The box contains a product packed in a plastic bag, with internal instructions and repair kit. When you receive your Waff, read the inflation instructions carefully, it is very important.

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Shipping to France, Europe and the United States. Price according to the weight of the package. The order will be executed at the latest within 10 days from the day following the day you placed your order.