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Book "La Pâtisserie - Place à la gourmandise: 60 recettes pour vous servir" + Exclusive autographed recipe


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A real pleasure to share with you this overview of pastry making. A book that I wanted to be practical and within everyone's reach in order to make simple what can sometimes seem complicated. As a bonus, I offer you a recipe of Christmas log autographed just for you!


Discover my first book, with an exclusive autographed Christmas log recipe!

Available in French only.

A few ingredients, a little know-how and a lot of greediness.

Pastry is one of the pillars of French gastronomy, the last note of a meal, or an isolated pleasure to better savor its sweetness and satisfy its greediness!

If the excellence of some pastry chefs is a real gustatory and visual pleasure, the fact remains that pastry is above all made at home, simply to please and surprise those around you.

Starting from ingredients, handling them, working with them, caressing them, all this to see a pastry, a cake, a dessert appear, this is what makes this universe where tastes and colors combine for our greatest happiness!

Pastry should be within everyone's reach, and this is why I suggest you discover its secrets or perfect your knowledge through 60 recipes explained simply.

I think it is important to know the basics, because it is always easier to develop your knowledge on a solid base. The basics will allow you to make a large number of recipes simply by combining them, but also to understand the process of the different stages of manufacture.

In this book, I also wanted to go through some of the great classics of French pastry making, references that are inseparable from our culinary heritage.

Finally, a few recipes revisited make room for creativity, an important value in pastry making that allows each person to give free rein to his imagination through his personality.

Be convinced that pastry making is accessible to all, because above all, it is an opportunity to treat yourself and your guests!

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