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Find my book "La Pâtisserie" and the kitchen utensils essential for making delicious pastries. Moulds, cake rings, whisks, everything is here for you to get started with recipes without waiting!

My book "La Pâtisserie"

A real pleasure to share with you this overview of pastry making. A book that I wanted to be practical and within everyone's reach in order to make simple what can sometimes seem complicated. As a bonus, I offer you an autographed Christmas recipe just for you!

Cake circles and frames

A selection of cake circles and frames to make many recipes according to your desires!

Pastry accessories

 Whips, roller, spatulas... The list is long, find here a selection of accessories that will help you to make your recipes!

Molds and Cie

The mold is one of the most indispensable accessories in pastry making. With this selection, find the shape you are looking for for your next recipe!