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Quick Facts

Name : Sylvain Renoux

Alias : Chef Sylvain

Education : Pastry-Ice cream-Chocolate

After an initial training as a Pâtissier-Chocolatier-Glacier, I climbed the ladder little by little by reinforcing my knowledge in the field of pastry making. After various professional experiences throughout France, I became Pastry Chef and participated in several pastry openings in Paris. More broadly, I love the world of cooking and the creativity that surrounds it. The pleasure of the eyes and the flavors has always attracted me a lot.

What I particularly like about pastry? It's the final touch of the meal, which then takes on a festive aspect and enchants our palate! With the website and my Youtube channel, it's your turn to make wonderful recipes now. You are going to associate, work, and tame all these elements that are flour, eggs, sugar, yeast, chocolate..., the list is so long. I share with you simple and delicious recipes with the objective to totally democratize the obstacles that we discover during the realization of all these desserts and other cakes. And you will be able to find in this shop the utensils and accessories to make all your pastries.

You are no longer alone for your pastry recipes, so treat yourself!