What is nold?

never old

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Hello and welcome,

We are Anne and Charlotte from Nold (never old) a brand new movement that aims to bring together all those who feel too old to be young and too young to be old.

Nold? It's a way of approaching the passing years with humor and lightness: do everything to stay in top physical and mental shape, have desires and projects, in short, continue to be in motion.

To get you started, we invite you to discover our Nold Originals creations and the world that goes with them. To offer or to offer yourself.

Chocolate made in France to send a greedy message to all those you consider nold never old or to taste to do yourself good!

Notebooks because the nold continues not to want to do without paper to note, annotate, draw, scribble, and they are pretty to offer too.

And a puzzle as an incentive to stimulate your brain in a playful way, in addition to being a good pretext to reconnect with the 80s.

Nold is also a daily appointment on Instagram and Facebook, and, twice a week, the noldletter, the newsletter that delights: funny and instructive content that brings back childhood memories, opens projects, gives physical and nutritional advice and much more.