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Quick Facts

My pseudo : Marie Crayon

My job : Illustrator

My passon : Drawing

In a few words : Pop, fun and sweet

Hi, I'm Marie!

I'm a 90's kid born in Paris. I've always drawn since I was old enough to hold a pencil, as far back as I can remember. After starting a course in art history, I left everything behind at 19 to try my luck as an illustrator. I worked a lot on my portfolio, my line, my style... In 2012 I started to have clients, the adventure was on!

Why did you choose to do this? Simply because illustration and drawing are what I have always dreamed of doing, I can't imagine doing anything else!

As an illustrator, I have found my universe with a feminine, pop and colourful style! I like to treat everyday subjects with lightness, softness and a little humour to sprinkle the whole thing. I always try to play down the little worries of everyday life! For my illustrations, I first worked on paper for a long time, but now it's all digital! I now work on my computer, with a tablet and adapted software.

I wish you an excellent visit on my shop !