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Martin Fourcade

Wooden toy rifle Martin Fourcade


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Martin Fourcade
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Children can have fun imitating me in complete safety with this wooden rifle. When are you going to meet me on the snow?


By dint of receiving photos of children watching the biathlon on TV with a broom on his shoulder to imitate it, Martin Fourcade had the idea of ​​making a wooden rifle for little athletes! Here is a unique and fun toy to discover biathlon and learn to aim at targets. Martin is sure that the parents will play as much as the children ;-)

The Martin Fourcade rifle is delivered in a beautiful box containing:
- the wooden rifle in the name of Martin Fourcade with adjustable straps
- 5 personalized rocking targets with Martin's logo
- 20 elastic bands
- 1 leaflet in French and English
- 1 assembly instructions.

This rifle is manufactured by the Jura company Vilac, specialized in wooden toys.

Dimensions: 54 x 23 x 6 cm. Weight: 1.05 kg.

This toy is intended for children over 3 years old.

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